At the Adriaan windmill everything is done by volunteers. Two organizations are involved in this process:

Stichting Molen Adriaan (SMA)

The volunteers of the Molen De Adriaan Foundation (SMA) ensure that all visitors, young and old, can enjoy their visit to our fully functioning flour mill and annex mill museum.

More than 60 volunteers run the Adriaan windmill together. Most of them act as tour guides or desk clerks. The Adriaan windmill receives approximately 24,000 visitors each year. During our opening hours, there are always one desk clerk and two tour guides scheduled for a 4-hour shift. Every 30 minutes a group of up to 12 visitors with a tour guide enters the mill.

The reception and guided tours by our volunteers really make the difference. Because of our original and personal approach, the Adriaan windmill receives annually many positive reviews on sites such as Tripadvisor.

The SMA is always looking for volunteers, especially people who speak several languages. Dutch does not have to be their first language. After a short training you can quickly start working independently, as part of the volunteer team.

Are you interested? Then email to: info@molenadriaan.nl

Stichting Molens Zuid Kennemerland (SMKZ)

Technically speaking, the windmills in Haarlem, including the Adriaan, are maintained and managed by members of the Molens Zuid Kennemerland Foundation (SMZK). The SMZK volunteers meet weekly in their well-equipped workshop. Quite simply, the millers of the SMZK keep the mills running.

Several millers are attached to the De Adriaan, which means that the windmill blades can turn almost all week. Now and then wheat grains are ground to wheat flour – it is still a working flourmill.

The SMZK is also always looking for more volunteers. Volunteers for the maintenance of the 6 Haarlem mills, and volunteers who want to be trained as millers.

Are you interested? Then email to: secretarissmzk@gmail.com

Or go to the website: www.smzk.nl