Trass (mortar) mill 1779-1802

In 1778 the Amsterdam businessman Adriaan de Boois bought an old defense tower. He received permission from the city of Haarlem to build a windmill. Adriaan built his windmill on top of the old Goê Vrouw tower. As a result, the mill blades rise high above the Spaarne and catch every breeze possible.

On 19 May 1779 the Adriaan smock mill is put into use. For years Adriaan de Boois ground tuff, a sort of volcanic stone, into trass. Trass is a special additive added to mortar to make walls waterproof.

Tobacco snuff mill 1802-1865

In 1802 the Adriaan was sold to a tobacco merchant. At the time taking tobacco snuff was very popular. The mill is given new machinery, and tobacco rolls were processed into snuff powder for decades.

Flour mill 1865-1932

In 1865 the mill changed ownership and function again. The Adriaan was converted into a flour mill and millstones were installed. But in early 1932 the last owner stopped milling, as it was no longer profitable to mill flour.

Fire! 23 april 1932

On Saturday afternoon, April 23, 1932, Haarlem was in turmoil. The Adriaan was on fire! Despite decisive action by the Haarlem fire brigade, there remained little more of the Adriaan over, apart from a smoldering heap of stones and burned wooden beams.

On the first day after the fire, Haarlemmers organized a fundraising campaign for a new Adriaan. But more would be needed. Much more.

Museum mill 2002- …

On April 23, 2002,  a full seventy years after the fire, the time finally arrived. Haarlem was given its Adriaan windmill back!. To use as a meeting and wedding location, but above all to use as a museum mill. A reception room with souvenir shop. Two floors with beautiful windmill models. And above a working windmill!

Although built in 2002 it certainly is not a fake. The Adriaan windmill blades turn, and everything works exactly as Dutch windmills have been doing for centuries. A real museum mill.